Vision and Mission of Education Faculty

Faculty of Education aims to prepare professional teachers and to support the scientific researches which develop the educational system, curriculums and techniques of education and to keep students and teachers in touch with modern inventions and technology.

The Faculty can achieve its objectives by following this vision;

• Preparing campaigns for the Secondary stage, institutes and universities to raise the creative thinking and to build the students’ personality.

• Raising the educational, scientific and professional standards of students by using modern techniques.

• Preparing leaders at the Educational fields.

• Providing the Faculty with specialized faculty members who are able to continue the Faculty mission.

• Doing researches at all fields and specialties.

• Publishing results of researches and educational studies.

• Developing the Educational thinking to participate in solving the Community problems.

• Holding local and international seminars and conferences at all specialties.

• Participation at local and international seminars and conferences.

• Exchanging experience and information with Egyptian, Arabian and foreign associations about the common educational issues.

• Solving the Educational problems at the Community and developing the Educational work at these communities.

• Signing scientific and cultural agreements with foreign countries.

• Achieving the community development by encouraging scholarships for diploma, master and doctoral and putting active researches in use as possible.