Benha Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education History

     Faculty of Education at Benha has been established in 1976 as a Faculty at Zagazig University, Benha branch. In 2005, a presidential decree has been issued about independence of Benha University from Zagazig University and thus, the Faculty has become one of Benha University faculties. Faculty of Education includes five departments as following; Educational Psychology, Comparative Education, Curriculum – Instruction, Educational Foundations and Mental Hygiene.

The Faculty members’ staff and their Assistants are (159) classified as (102) members and (57) assistants, number of administrators is (11). On the other hand, the Faculty teaches 11 programs which cover the educational stages from primary till secondary stage; Arabic language teacher, English language teacher, Mathematics teacher, Biology teacher, Chemistry teacher, Philosophy teacher and History teacher. The Faculty provides (19) programs for Post Graduate Studies students which are as following; diploma, professional diploma, private diploma, master and doctoral.