Benha Faculty of Education

About faculty

The Faculty of Education was established in 1976, as one of the faculties belonging to Zagazig University, Benha Branch. Students actually began studying in it in 1977-1978.

In 2005, the presidential act was issued to announce Benha Branch as an independent university. Therefore, the Faculty of Education became one of the faculties belonging to Benha University. The faculty of Education consists of five main departments: Fundamentals of Education Department, Educational Psychology Department, Curricula & Instruction Department, Comparative Education Department, and Mental Hygiene Department.

The Faculty of Education has about 159 staff members and about 163 administrative members. Twelve programs are provided in the undergraduate level in the Faculty of Education in different specializations; Arabic language, English As a foreign language (EFL), mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, philosophy, and history. Those who graduate from these programs are supposed to work as teachers for prep and secondary stages. The faculty of education also provided four programs for the preparation of the primary teachers in the undergraduate level in four specializations: Arabic language, mathematics, science, and social studies. The total numbers of undergraduate students is approximately 5018.

The Faculty of Education provided 29 programs for post-graduate studies including programs for professional diploma, programs for general diploma, programs for special diploma, programs for Master degree, and programs for Doctoral degree. The total numbers of post-graduate students is approximately 1887.